Don’t let fear rule you!

It’s been over a year since my wife and I decided to change our lives, our lifestyle, and embark on this journey (The Change!).

So, I guess now is a good a time as any to think deeply about what we have done, what we have experienced over this period of time and see if we can reach some conclusions.

We set out to improve ourselves, make an effort to become better persons and allow our relationship to grow stronger.

We wanted to roam the third rock from the sun, visit new places, meet new people, make new friends, enjoy diversity, be confronted with different ways of looking at the same things and gain knowledge.

In a nutshell: To pursue happiness!

Challenging, right?

Before continuing, I must point out one thing: One should never forget the past.

It helps understanding the present.

We already went through trying times, both as individuals and as a couple.

So, as I’m seating in one of my favourite coffee shops in Piraeus writing this text, I have to ask: Was it all worth it?

Furthermore, what is most important, will we keep on pursuing our endeavour?

First things first, let’s take a look on what has been been happening in the world lately.

Earlier this month the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report on global warning and it is daunting.

They have painted a true doomsday scenario.

More extreme weather, increased heat waves, rising sea levels, further water scarcity, etc.

The calamity list goes on and on and it will affect us all.

A real wake-up call.

It will be the end of the world as we know it unless we start acting know, together, as a true global village.

Is it going to be easy? No it is not.

And talking about major crises, another one that matters to us all as citizens of the world is the forced displacement of populations.

Never before we have seen so many people running away from war, violence, hunger and poverty.

The so-called migrant crisis is far from being over and the response, much like the one regarding global warming, the way I see it, has been feeble.

Instead of uniting society it is being used as fuel for stupid rhetoric, designed to strike fear in our hearts and help monsters come into power.

Do we need more examples? I sincerely believe we do not.

As it so happens, I strongly think the world also needs a change for it looks like we are going down the toilet.

Remember what I said previously regarding the past?

Quoting Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

History has a tendency to repeat itself and, ever so often, that is not a good thing.

I understand that, with all that is going on right now (and, particularly, with all that has been going on over the last ten years, at least), most of us feel beaten-up, hopeless, tired, anxious, not knowing what to do and whom to trust.

Some of the persons we have encountered in this journey, regardless of nationality or creed, believe their opinions or actions do not matter.

But, hold on a moment!

I started talking about these past twelve months of our lives, and how challenging they were, and now I’m addressing the world?

That is quite the challenge indeed!

Is it not too much?

Well, as far as I see it, whether we like it or not, there is no denying the fact that by just not caring or by thinking that our voice is not important, we are actually helping and empowering those who are engaged in battle against our planet and mankind, motivated only by self-interest.

Whether we like it or not, the wheels have already been set in motion.

Life is actually quite simple, we are the ones that insist on making it complicated, as another wise man once said.

In my humble opinion, it all comes down to one thing: Deciding if, whether or not, we need and want to change.

We have the power to decide how we wish to live our lives and the impact we will have on others.

I honestly believe if we try to be better human beings, we will be helping ourselves and society in the process.

Even though each one of us undertakes its own journey, sometimes paths cross.

Everything happens for a reason and the change starts with us.

And that takes us back to my wife and I, and our own changing process!

“Was it all worth it?”


We have been taking it one day at the time.

Even though there have been some rainy days, most of them have been magnificent.

We have learned so much from the amazing people we have met.

Never have we felt like this before.

“Will we keep on pursuing our endeavour?”

Hell, yeah!

We will keep following our hearts!

We will not let fear or anxiety rule us!

We will do whatever we feel we must do, respecting ourselves and others, and deal with the consequences of our actions.

I said it once, I will say it again: It is merely the beginning of a long journey.

What lies ahead?

We have no idea but are thrilled to find out.

After all, all days are alike because they are different and that is just marvellous!

Positivity lifts you up and helps with the journey of life.



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  1. It was not our intention to be impolite. Quite the opposite. We are sorry you felt that way and apologize sincerly. We have strong cultural ties with the topic you’ve posted. As we can see from our posts we advocate tolerance and respect. On that same subject, we feel that this is not the place for this comment so, we will be deleting it too.


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