Given the choice…

It’s the morning of a beautiful rainy day.

The temperature outside it’s just right and, by opening the windows, we provide a much appreciated soundtrack to the apartment.

We allow ourselves to enjoy the soothing sound of the rain, while enjoying a delightful breakfast in the comfort of our own home.

“It is going to be a magnificent day!”, I tell my wife.

“It’s time to get out there and deal with whatever may come our way… with a smile!”, I carry on with excitement.

She answers me back with a smile and a slight gentle bending forward of her head, a clear sign of accordance.

We are working on our “software program”, the set of instructions necessary to face the challenges of the day.

After all, it is all a matter of perspective and mind-set.

I could easily have started with:

“It’s the morning of a rainy day.

It’s cold outside and, by opening the windows, we gain an accurate understanding of what is expecting us outside of the apartment.

We go trough breakfast hearing the heavy pouring rain and thunder in the comfort of our small home.

‘It is going to be a crappy day!’, I tell my wife.

‘It’s time to get out there and deal with the same old, same old… oh, brother!’, I carry on desperately.

She answers me back with a grim smile, while letting out a long sigh of despair and shaking her head in a clear sign of accordance.”

But, why would I do that? That is not the way we see and face things.

Nonetheless, there is a fine line between the two realities.

Oh yes, we are perfectly capable of being our own worst enemy.

And there lies, as far as I see it, the answer to this challenge, one that can be a difficult conundrum.

If we are capable of doing unspeakable things, we also have the ability to do the opposite.

History has shown us that much over and over again.

We can change, indeed we can! But, it requires discipline.

Quoting Theodore Roosevelt, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort (…) difficulty.”

Each day presents a dare, and we welcome it open-minded.

Given the choice, we choose not to be unhappy and look at everything negatively.

We choose not to exaggerate the importance of issues one finds oneself dealing with throughout our entire life.

We wear glasses with a bespoke pair of “lenses”.

They are moulded by Father Time.

As I’ve mentioned before, “we are the sum of our experiences, be they positive or negative (…) [they set] the background for the memories that stay with you through the course of time.”

Memories of darker times are still vivid so, I remember how easy it is not to be optimistic.

How effortless it is to go down the rabbit hole.

How uncomplicated it is to blame someone or something else for our own misfortunates.

To be frustrated and mad most of the time.

As the song says, it looks like we are “hardwired to self-destruct”.

It is no easy task, I’m aware of that, but we have to teach ourselves how to be hardwired to self-respect.

Whether we like it or not, society is changing and it seems that it’s not improving… daunting perspective, is it not?

Thing is, my wife and I honestly believe there’s still hope so, we choose not to follow the rabbit.

The changing process is an arduous and long journey and we believe it to be worth it.

Even when things are not as we wish them to be, we choose to smile at life.

The journey continues, one day at a time.

So, given the choice…


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