Ever went to the beach and shouted out loud “BAHHHHHHHH!”?

I did.

Why would someone do that, you may ask?

Well, have you ever woke up with a feeling that life makes no sense and you’re nothing but a time bomb on the verge of exploding?

So many thoughts go through your mind, with raging speed, just like loud speakers in a bar playing heavy metal, making it difficult for you to focus and feel serene.

You are angry and frustrated, saddened about the way things turned out.

“Is anybody there? Is someone listening?”

To make things worst, it looks like you are attempting to talk, but no one is really listening to what you have to say.

On the other hand, when someone approaches you and engages in what it looks like a conversation, you’re just not there.

You’re a zombie.

To put it bluntly, you feel lost and hopeless.

When that happens to me, I know that I’m just stressed out.

Quite normal and part of being alive.

It is just something that we have to deal with from time to time.

Our own personal demons, fuelled by fear and anxiety.

You know when sometimes you feel what it can be described as a burning sensation on your chest?

Because most of the times we are afraid of what might happen, we choose to do nothing whatsoever.

We let it be.

We do not address it.

So, we start feeling pressured, stressed until it becomes a vicious cycle, repeating itself over and over again…

Misery truly loves company.

So, every now and then, that feeling of lack of hope and “I’m unable to find my way” comes along and it’s simply overwhelming.

You feel adrift, reduced to nothing more than a smouldering wreck.

When that happens, how do I deal with it?

I don’t overthink it and do not let it grow out of proportion.

I face it.

I go to a beach and express myself without restraint!

That alone as such a liberating effect on me.

Moreover, I do not worry about what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow. They are out of reach.

It is really one-day-at-a-time kind of deal that we have going on and I’m fully aware of that.

So, whenever darkness comes creeping over, trying to feed my demons, I just tell her (or him, you choose) to go fuck herself (himself)! At the top of my lungs!

It keeps negativity at bay. I start to feel calm, peaceful and serene again, back on track.

I light my fire, let it burn and carry on with life.

When it comes to design, we are perfectly imperfect, something that we have to cope with.

That being said, I’ve stopped, a long time ago, being afraid of letting myself go and being truly free.

If that does not work, then one must seek professional help. Something quite normal as well.





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