It was early in the morning, winter time.

I was at the airport and, as I was heading to my gate, I realized I had no cigarettes.

Needed to get myself a pack before boarding the plane to Zürich.

Even though I was not going to have a smoke before I landed in Switzerland, being a smoker for over twenty years, makes you kind of jumpy when you reach for a cigarette and become fully aware of the fact that you have none.

So, I went and bought a pack from one of those stores you can find at the boarding area of almost every airport.

I was putting the cigarettes inside of my backpack when a thought popped into my mind: “What in the world am I doing?”

Six months afterwards, as I and my wife were passing by Piraeus station building, on our way home, we stopped in front of the Municipal Theatre, basking in the morning sun while starring at this beautiful landmark.

Since our arrival in Greece, we have been taking this route quite often.

Before reaching the theatre, we use to gaze, for a while, at the harbour.

We look at the docked ferries and wonder where to go next.

We have a deep connection to water for we have been living most of our lives near to it, may it be fresh or salt water.

For us it represents freedom and discovery.

But I digress…

So, we were facing the theatre and were astonished by the fact we never went in, seeing that we both love neoclassical architecture.

They were not playing anything that day so we thought it might be closed.

We approached the main doors and it so happened they were open so, we let ourselves in.

There was not a soul in sight, so we wondered for a while at the entrance hall, speechless and looking at every single detail of the place, taking mental pictures (the best ones!).

All of a sudden, we heard someone, on our backs, talking to us in Greek.

As we turned around we could clearly see that this person seemed quite surprised with our presence.

One may not speak a certain language, but body language and facial expressions are universal.

After conveying our disappointment for not speaking the language and, therefore, could not understand what had just been said, we were enlightened about the fact the theatre was closed and, except for personnel, no one was allowed in.

So, we were kindly invited to retire.

When we were outside I remembered what happened six months ago at the airport.

I had just bought myself a pack of cigarettes and thought: “What in the world am I doing?”

I was on my way to the beginning of a new chapter of my life, amidst a deep changing process.

“Do I really need to keep on smoking? No, I do not! It is time to quite!”

I threw the pack of cigarettes in a garbage can that was close by, and that was the end of it.

It is all about willpower.

If you really want to accomplish something you just need to believe it. Above all you need to believe in yourself.

“What are you thinking about?” my wife asked as I stopped in front of the theatre on our way out.

“Would you like to see the theatre? Let’s go back! Trust me!”

After explaining to the same person that, just moments ago, showed us our way out, we really wanted to discover the site, we were met with awkward silence and a huge smile!

Long story short, we got to see the inside of the magnificent theatre of Piraeus and even meet the cast that were rehearsing the new upcoming play, “The Idiot”, by Dostoyevsky.

So, call it what you may, willpower or plain old stubbornness.

Thing is, in my humble opinion, if your really desire something you can achieve it.

Just do not chicken out!


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