Going back in time…how did it all start?

The plane had just landed at Porto International Airport.

The flight was just like some many other flights before.


Caught up with the news, wrote some reports, listened to some music…like I said, a normal flight.

I was getting back home after, what it felt like, a very long business week in Paris.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of that particular week.

However, even though I was content, for we had achieved the goals set before departing to the City of Light, I was feeling tired and numb.

So, as I was picking up my luggage and heading towards the parking lot I thought, “I’ll just grab something to eat on my way home and call it a day”.

This was eight years ago but, for me, it was as if it had just happened yesterday.

As I was driving, a song that was playing on the radio caught up my attention, got distracted and soon afterwards I was home without even realizing it.

“How about food? I still need to eat something and I’m not in the mood for cooking!”, I thought.

So, there it was, standing right in front of me.

Instead of heading towards to the garage, I, unknowingly, stopped in front of a restaurant that was close to my apartment.

I knew this place already! I was a regular!

Thing is I did not plan to go there this time. My mind was drifting away, as I was listening to that song, and I ended up right at that exact spot.


Fate had it that you were working that day.

We had made a lot of eye contact before, but we never really had the chance to talk. Proper talk, I mean.

Until that day, it was all about casual conversation, everything you would expect from that type kind of relation… I was just another client after all.

The restaurant had just opened up.

As per usual, you were greeting all customers and engaging in polite conversation, when you approached me.

You were radiant.

“Good evening! How are you doing and what will you be having today?”, you asked with a smile.

“Your email!”, I replied.

Immediately you started to blush and rushed over to the kitchen.

“You blithering idiot! Look at what you have done! Better head for the door and go home!”, said the voice in my head.

Soon after, you came back holding a small piece of paper… it was your email.

Later that night, I sent a link for the song I was listening in the car and invited you for a date.

You accepted my invitation and we ended up having one of the most delightful days of our lives.

Eight years later here we are, in Greece, and our love is growing stronger!

The name of the song?

“Better Man”, by Pearl Jam.



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