The change!

“The universe is plotting against me!”.

At least that is what I thought a while ago.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

When my doctor told me, back in 2013, “either you change your life or you will end up dead soon” I truly believe that, neither him or I, would ever have guessed, in a million years, what a dramatic change I was getting myself into.

Like everything in life that it is worthy, the changing process is an arduous and long journey.

There is no specific formula for that.

Each one of us undertakes its own path, without even knowing, most of the times, what in the world we are doing…

I tend to follow my intuition.

There is only left or right, make up your mind, choose a heading and go for it!

Do not let fear or anxiety rule you!

Just do it and deal with the consequences!

At least, that is how it works out for me.

Back then, in 2013, when my doctor told me that I needed a change otherwise I would probably die, I weighed 115 kilos, was in really bad shape and in a dark place.


Simple: I was in denial.

I was facing, related to my job, a personal dilemma regarding moral values.

I was engaged in battle, one that I lost and was left with only one option on the table: Accept defeat and retreat.

But that is a completely different story that addresses issues as the global crisis, austerity, power, grey areas and so on and so forth…

What it is worth retaining is the precious lesson I learned from that episode: You cannot change the world! You can only change yourself!

So, when the first wave of the latest change in my life happened, January 2014, forced by the circumstances stated before, I started my own business.

Crazy adventure.

Tried to make it work because I needed the money but… no passion, hated it and was still worn out from the previous challenge.

But, as duty calls so does commitment… might have hated it but, as always, gave it my best.

This dreadful experience went on and on until 2017, when, a certain day, something popped in my mind: “Children, tree and book!”.

“The time has come to write my book!”, I thought. That was my Eureka moment.

I am driven by challenges and this is the perfect one for now: It combines my love for travelling with the daunting task of writing a book.

So, the second wave started.

I recognized that I was in a state of denial, running from myself basically and just snapped out of it, loosing 40 kilos in the process.

A small parenthesis is in order… how did I loose 40 kilos? By getting in shape, as simple as that!

Close parenthesis.

Now it was just of matter of picking the right place to do it (Greece, as you well know it by now), convincing my wife and getting the support of the family….

Think it was easy moving to Greece?


Amongst other relevant things, which included having to find a new job and leave my business behind (that is another funny story), I was facing a lot of disputes, regarding money (what else?), with Social Security, service providers and the water company.

Tens of thousands of euros. Sheer exploitation.

“The universe is plotting against me!”, I thought, remember?

“Everybody wants to suck me dry. WTF? Haven’t I had enough? Give me a break!”.

It was indeed quite the opposite.

What the universe was telling me in fact, was that the time had come for a new and meaningful change.

I had to take this step.

So, as I gathered all my strength I fought as I never fought before.

Won the small (believe me, that is the right term) legal battles against the above-mentioned SOB, sold almost everything I used to own and headed to Athens in October 2017.

As I stated on the previous article, when my wife and I got to Nafplio, back in March this year, on that specific cloudy morning, as we were headed for the Palamidi Fortress with a huge smile on our faces, that was when we both realized we did (and we are doing) the right thing.

We shared a sort of an awakening.

We didn’t have much to say and we didn’t need to.

We have both been through quite a lot.

Back at that precise moment, we just stared each other in the eyes and… just knew it!

Even though we are aware that we still have a lot to handle on the journey ahead, and it is really a one-day-at-the-time deal that we have going on in this life, we feel free.

But, you need to keep on pushing forward!

It is an ongoing process, the changing one, and you can only change yourself, remember?

And if you are lucky enough to have your family support and that special someone right next to you during this journey, well my friend, you are indeed a lucky bastard (I know that I am! What a marvellous and courageous person I have standing by me!).

I recall my “rules of engagement” when it comes to matters such as this one:

1 – Follow your intuition!

2 – There is only left or right, make up your mind, choose a heading and go for it!

3 – Do not let fear or anxiety rule you!

4 – Just do it and deal with the consequences!

Once again, that is how it works out for me.

Hey doc, what do you have to say about all of it? Bet you that you didn’t see this coming when you gave me that advice, right?


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