The Nafplio challenge!

We knew that Greece was going to test our relationship.

We might have not said out loud, when we were about to start this new chapter. But, deep down in our hearts, we knew that we were in for quite the challenge.

Back home, in Portugal, we have already been through a lot. Some tough times.

Recognizing the simple fact that we were miserable and needed a change was a major breakthrough.

Another one in our story together as a couple.

So, there were a lot of reasons for this huge leap.

“To roam the third rock from the sun, visiting new places, making new acquaintances, experiencing different ways of looking at the same thing, enjoying diversity and gaining knowledge” was (and still is!) on top of the list.

However, this is a partnership so, other major issues arise.

Improving ourselves played a key role. We wanted our relationship to grow stronger.

Role the dices, cue our music (Better Man, by Pearl Jam) get on a plane and on our way to a new home.

We felt both excitement and apprehension. After all this was a bold move.

“It is all very nice. Great taste in music, by the way. But…What in the world has any of that got to do with Nafplio?!”


Well, hello there voice-in-my-head!

Nice to hear from you again.

Hope is not dementia banging at the door….

I’m getting there! Hold on!

Where was I?

Yeah….Greece and our relationship.

While searching for an apartment in Piraeus, back at the hotel room, we talked about setting a simple rule for this brand-new adventure: No matter what, we would try, whenever we got a chance, to discover new places!

We should never forget the reason why we were here.

There should be no planning ahead!

No talking too much about it!

Just pick a place!

Be spontaneous!

Look each other in the eyes!

Fix a budget!

Get the backpack ready and go!

So, Nafplio.

“Finally! Almost fell asleep!”

Shut up voice-in-my-head! One of these days I will go “Al Capone” on you… Remember the movie The Untouchables?…

Clearing my throat, taking a deep breath and carrying on…


After exploring Piraeus and Athens, we headed for the island of Aegina, followed by a journey to Corinth, when the opportunity to discover Naflpio presented itself.

Each day into this new adventure was doing wonders (still is!) to our relationship.

By sharing this moments, by undertaking this amazing path together as a couple, we realise that our feelings toward each other are growing stronger.

Do not get us wrong.

We are fully aware that it is one-day-at-the-time kind of deal.

If you want something to work out you have to invest on it. We do not lie to each other by thinking otherwise.

So, the past is behind us and the future is yet to come.

Where does that leave us?

Right here, at the present.

So, as I’m seating down and writing these lines I realise that Nafplio was a true turning point.

The capital of the First Hellenic Republic, once known as the Naples of Romania, with its charming narrow streets and houses with beautiful balconies, the kind of stuff straight out of a postcard, was the perfect place for an awakening.


Magic happened.

I know how it sounds but I cannot find other words to describe the feeling of freedom, humbleness and passion we felt.

Oh, the smile on both of our faces when we woke up the next morning, as we were headed for the Fortress of Palamidi.

Everything we had done so far led us to that gracious point.

We went all in, changed our lives completely and the universe proved us right!

“Why not record it, honey?” my wife asked.

“Show our family and friends what we set out to do. How truly happy and free we do feel” she carried on with enthusiasm.

“I love it! Let’s do it! People back home already know I’m crazy. So, why the heck not!” I said with frantic eyes.

Besides that, this particular endeavour was a real fitness challenge, suitable for a guy that just stopped smoking and lost over 40 kilos…. but that is a completely different story!

So, here you have it: the beginning of @citizensoftheworld365, aka @CW365.

And it is merely the beginning of a long journey.

What lies ahead?

We have no idea but are thrilled to find out.

Meanwhile roll video: The Nafplio challenge!

















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